The Limited Run Consignors Club is the collective of asset providers to the Limited Run Platfrom. We have been working on idea to create an autonomous structure to facilitate fluid trade of sneakers and collectibles through the utilisation of blockchain technology and smart contracts. 

You could think of it like a vending machine for sneakers and the club members are responsible for ensuring the vending machine is stocked up with goodies for those passers by to grab. Yes, if you're one of our loyal customers, that's You! :) 

The NFT will act as a pass allowing its holder exclusive rights to restock the vending machine. 

You can find out more about this in our blogpost: LRCC the next chapter.

There will be a host of further benefits for being part of the club which will be revealed as we develop the concept and release further documentation on the details of the protocol.

Our next big journey thus comes two fold as we make our way to busy Johannesburg for the first time.


Alongside We are Egg, we have prepared a special experience for all sneaker collectors, enthusiasts and resellers. We have been working on our LRCC project for some time and we are finally ready to offer up some early access passes to those who take the time to come check out our showcase of the power of WEB3.0, Blockchain Technology, digital ownership and NFTs. 

As part of our launch at We Are Egg - The Zone @ ROSEBANK, we hostes a virtual experience where we will be showcasing some pieces from the historic RTFKT forging event which took place between 7-14 SEPTMEBER 2022.

RTFKT, a community driven digital creator platform was acquired by Nike Inc in December 2021 (read more about it here)


Members from our consignors club We will be guiding you through the process of getting your own MetaMask wallet set up so we can issue you with an NFT as a token of your participation in the event but if you would like to do this beforehand you can do the necessary by downloading it on your mobile device via the App Store. 


We also encourage you to check out the following introductory video that sheds some light on WEB3 and why we are headed in this direction. 


Come check out the showcase at the launch of We Are Egg - The zone @Rosebank where we will be hosting the experience and granting those who participate their early access pass. 
It's absolutely free and who knows... these early passes may get you something interesting along our journey into the metaverse. 


The Treasure hunt is now open to any and all. 

The task, simple:

1. Locate the LRCC LootPod

2. Find the Vault 

3. Identify the AF1 Hidden in the LRCC LootPod Vault. 

Once you've cracked it, complete the mission report: 


also.... join our discord and chat to us about the project, what's to come and how you can use your early access pass to get the Alpha ;)