[ERC721] CloneX Human Hoodie (1/338)

[ERC721] CloneX Human Hoodie (1/338)

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Item Rarity: 1/338

Token Type: ERC-721 

Blockchain: Ethereum 

*The sale of this item INCLUDES the digital asset. Please reach out to us via our discord in order to claim yours from our vault, should you be entitled. All queries will be verified and proof of purchase will be required for before transfer will be via the Ethereum blockchain. 
A valid Ethereum address will be required in order to complete the transfer. 
Should you be new to all this, you can  contact us for assistance or you may consult any of latest AI language models like the latest ChatGPT. 🤖

Checkout the full collection in the RTFKT drops archive here where full details and rarity is available for each item in the collection.


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